Women Jewellery: What to Wear and When

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Nothing else brings a wider smile to our face than a pretty diamond eternity ring, a jangly necklace or beautiful and sparkling diamond earrings. Big or small, simple or trendy, diamond jewellery for women always lifts our spirit. We wear jewellery not just to look stunning but also as a defining style statement. For us, jewellery is not just a simple addition that goes well with an outfit; rather it is what expresses our femininity and elegance. In this blog, the few appealing jewellery and their specific occasions are mentioned which will help you wear right jewellery at the right time.

Bracelets should be worn on your right hand only. You can adorn a single gold bracelet studded with diamonds can make you look special and wonderful, or 3-4 thin bracelets that swing on your hand can simply add beauty to your persona. If your bracelet is decorated with diamonds or pattern of gems that centre it, allow to show off your hand. Bracelets signify royalty and classiness and suit any outfit at any occasion. The variety of patterns of gold designs on the bracelets with lovely diamonds makes the appearance look amazing.

You can try out simple, small earrings if your height is short or medium. If you are into wearing the solitaires, you can experiment with them depending on the occasion. The solitaires are usually the ‘chunky button’ earrings that are gripped with the real diamond pieces and beautified in the shape of gold prongs. There is nothing that makes a deep impact like a beautiful earring along with lush hairstyle. If you are tall, you can exhibit diamond danglers that look better with smooth hair.

Engagement Rings
Most girls prefer wearing classy diamond rings on their fingers. Slim diamond rings are worn on the ring-finger. They can wear two or three rings in different fingers if they wish, but never wear two rings on the same finger. You can wear exclusive 10k gold rings with diamond gem carved on it on the forefinger. If you have slim arms and fingers, rings look beautiful on your fingers. The white diamond rings can match up with any of your dresses in any occasions. If you have coloured diamonds, such as blue, red, yellow, pink, chocolate or maroon diamond, you’ve to complement it with your outfit colour only.

Necklaces and Pendants
Necklaces usually go well with traditional outfits only, but mostly with medium or low-cut dresses. The broad range of designs of necklaces and pendants can be experimented as per your taste and look. The diamond gem necklaces should be worn mainly for evening wear. You can try out short, medium or large chain pieces as per your choice. You can also experiment with gold, diamond, platinum or mixed metal necklaces to make a style statement and a stunning look.


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