Did You Know About These 6 Types of Diamond Cuts ?

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You must have heard all time popular song 'Diamonds are a girl's best friends' performed by Marilyn Munroe. Who would deny the fact after witnessing the shimmering beauty and stunning looks of a diamond? Diamond solitaire marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship whereas the Diamond eternity rings strengthen the bond of love. Everyone is different and so are their choices while selective the perfect diamond jewellery for their loved ones. The jewellery industry in the UK offers numerous diamond shapes where you can enjoy the variety of diamonds and narrow down your search while purchasing diamond jewellery. Which of the following diamond cut is your favourite?

Developed in the late 1970s, the princess cut is the second most famous cut.  It yields 80% of rough and is very brilliant.  The princess' cut is popular in invisible settings or channel settings because of their straight sides. The princess cut's face-up shape is rectangular or square, and the profile shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides.

The pear shape is a hybrid of the marquise and round cuts--with one pointed end and one rounded end. The pear offers graceful and elegant dangling as a pendant or earring. The pear can be made with many differences in length-to-width proportions, where every style offers a differing appeal.  Many people also find long and skinny pear shapes appealing and think it is a perfect for a pendant. The pear shape offers just as much brilliance as a round.

Lazare Kaplan created the oval shape diamond cut in the 1960's. The oval diamonds are a modified brilliant-cut (like virtually all round cuts). Because the two shapes possess a similar fire and brilliance, the oval diamonds are favoured by many.

Marquise also known as navette shaped, gained popularity in bridal jewellery during the 1970s. Although the cut has been around since the 1900s and many Art Deco designs are studded with Marquise cut diamonds. The shape of the marquise diamonds is said to mirror the hull of a small boat.

The modified heart shaped diamonds are a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. Heart shaped diamonds are very popular in solitaire pendants as well as rings. The lobes of a heart can vary, giving you a diverse appeal of sizes. It is necessary to have it set in a protective setting as the points of hearts can chip or break easily.

The stunning look of the emerald cut diamond is created by the step cuts of its pavilion. It is a rectangular step cut which comes with clean lines that give a diamond an elegant appeal. The emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes.


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