Thursday, 29 March 2018

Why are Platinum Wedding Rings the best choice?

As far as wedding rings are concerned, many people are conditioned to think about only common precious metals such as gold or diamonds. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the typical alternatives but the level fulfilment you get by having a ring made of a metal that is as rare as platinum is definitely incomparable. In the recent times many people do not buy products just because of their quality but also for purposes of being unique. Platinum wedding rings, in particular, have become increasingly popular with many stores availing extensive options. Many couples are also going the platinum way to culminate their weddings.

Because Platinum wedding rings are products of a unique metal, they provide an excellent way for the bride and groom to share their hopes and feelings on their wedding day and beyond. So, the question is why are platinum wedding rings just this impressive? While other alternatives are equally fanciful Platinum's cutting edge lies in the following features.
Platinum wedding rings
o   Styles and Designs
When it comes to styles and designs of platinum wedding rings there is no limit to what you can get in the collection. Whether you want something plain or one with engravings works better for your taste, they are sufficient alternatives to choose from in line with your preferences.

o   Elegant and practical
Any day a platinum wedding ring will make you stand out. Anyone would admire the sheer glamour afforded by your choice because it is not only keeping a lasting shine but also does not corrode or crack. You will be able to maintain the appreciable luster years after the wedding. With it, you get to enjoy modern elegance now that there is a vast collection of pure platinum rings.

o   Hypoallergenic
Unlike other alternatives crafted out of metals with elements that are likely to cause skin allergies, Platinum is pure hence works for all whether your skin is sensitive or not.

o   Value for money
Platinum wedding rings are not only a preserve of a few, but they are manufactured to offer unprecedented quality without weighing heavily on the budget.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Diamond Eternity Rings- Symbols of Eternal Love

World over an eternity ring is symbolises particular milestones or anniversaries in any given relationship. While the materials used to craft these rings may have changed over the decades, the underlying intention still stands to date.  With time, couples are not only seeking a ring that not only makes the occasion standout but also a reflection of their style, fashion, and individuality. 
Plain Wedding Rings

Without any doubts, the Diamond Eternity Rings hits the target to this end. They are elegant, attractive, and durable thereby granting timeless memories in line with their purpose. From time immemorial diamond has been used to craft eternity rings not only because it's sturdy and durable but also because it communicates a lot when it comes to relationships and love in general. 

The beauty of diamond eternity rings lies on the inherent qualities of the parent metal. From the onset, anyone won't fail to realise that every creation of diamond is an art in itself. As opposed to traditional materials utilised in this kind of ring, they boast of an extra edge of modern elegance that most couples are love to feel. Again, they feature an innate glamour that spices up the taste under different styles and designs fit to show commitment in love, appreciation or just as a mark of achievement thus far.

Worth noting is the fact that diamond eternity rings are slightly different from other types of rings such as those used for engagement or wedding. Specifically, they take two main styles namely half style and the full styles the material not limiting.

  • ·         Full style eternity rings
The style has the entire length of the band set with diamonds. Full style rings are ideal if you would like to experience an all-around explosive view of diamonds on your finger.

  • ·         Half style eternity rings
Half eternity rings feature diamonds only set in the upper face of the band.  The skilfully placed gems are either identical or may have slight variations. This style is a suitable choice for anyone that may find full style quite cumbersome and also wants to keep things simple.

Friday, 23 March 2018

His and Hers Matching Wedding Rings- The Ultimate Convenience for Your Big Day

Everywhere in the world, wedding rings are symbolic of any marriage, telling of undying love and the promise of commitment between husband and wife. The search for these special symbols today requires a lot of time and effort considering the market is awash with numerous alternatives. Coupled with the fact that planning for a wedding is no piece of cake, the quest for excellent wedding rings can be overwhelming since you have to put much thought into it to get the best. With this in mind, there is no doubt that couples seeking more convenient options would appreciate the advent of matching rings for their wedding.

D-Shaped Plain Wedding Band
As a result of the apparent need, many jewellers now offer his and hers matching wedding rings to make selection hassle-free especially for those who wish to coordinate their tastes and style. The availability of numerous versions under this category makes no desire is too tricky to fulfill.  In fact, with his and hers matching wedding rings, you not only have an external expression of a union premised on love and affection but you also get to achieve your inner heart desires to remain united and similar in almost every aspect. In essence, your character and taste get to be reflected in a unique way in the form of the rings.

Of course, the popularity of matching wedding rings for both the bride and groom can be explained by the fact that many find it as an avenue to honour their bond. This way they get the opportunity to show everyone else that beyond becoming one unit, their individualities equally bears no contrast.

The beauty of his and hers matching weddings also lies in the fact that there is plenty of room to make choices depending on your personalities without limitation. Whether you agree on similar styles but different thickness or some other little variations, you can play around with your options but still get the rings complementing beautifully. Above all, this alternative makes life easy for those who do not have the time to narrow down to the most appropriate pieces separately.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Palladium Wedding Rings – The Secret Ingredient to Hearty Weddings

While a significant number of couples are still stuck in the rut of common precious metals when choosing jewellery, most couples today just seem to be deviating from the tradition to new unique alternatives. Weddings have been part of human life since time immemorial and the simplest way to turn your big day extra special is to go for a ring that does not only flow with elegance but also has better taste due to the rarity of the parent metal. Palladium wedding rings to this end come in handy to fill the gaps in for your worthy course.

Although Palladium is comparatively recent with regard to crafting wedding bands and the likes, its unrivalled quality and strength are responsible for its increasing popularity among jewellers and consumers alike. The improvement in casting techniques and the involvement of the new alloy, 950 Palladium, has brought about more choice for couples. Whether yours is a simple, classic ceremony or a luxury fete, with palladium rings for weddings the feeling of royalty is never out of reach.

 A fantastic alternative to equally drool-worthy precious metals such as Gold, Silver, or Diamonds, Palladium wedding rings brings in a breath of modernity and advancement in styling as inspired by the need to keep partners glowing in love.  There are countless designs afforded by Palladium that anyone would be spoilt for choice looking at the rich collection of this increasingly popular alternative.

Palladium wedding rings
Below are more reasons why Palladium holds the key to a hearty wedding.
  • Malleable:- The single most critical factor that makes Palladium ideal for jewellery making is its inherent nature to conform to casting, moulding, and sculpting as may be required of it. It, therefore, allows the creation of beautiful comfort fit rings suitable for any bride or groom.
  • Durable:- Although comparatively light, Palladium boasts of immense structural strength that guarantees durability in the face of everyday wear. Moreover, it's resilient to all forms of tarnish now that it does not contain any elements prone to discolouration. It does not require plating to maintain its original form. With a little cleaning and occasional buffing, you can keep the beautiful shine and colour for a long time to come.
  • Affordable:- Similarly, although Palladium wedding rings come with high quality and value, it is lovable that acquiring various pieces will not break your bank. In comparison to Platinum or 18k Gold rings, you will spend less to have these alternative rings.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Important Tips for Your Accurate Ring Size

Many men go through huge trouble finding their perfect wedding ring to grace the occasion and celebrate love. The ring used to be a woman's thing, but nowadays there's just as much pressure for men to have a perfect wedding ring. A man's wedding ring should express his character and style as there is on his loved one.

         Everybody has the complete right to treat themselves every now and again, especially with such an essential piece of jewellery, blessed with happy memories and a constant happy reminder of the love and unity between yourself and your partner.

How do I find my ring size?
This is the best position to start. Whether you are looking for plain wedding bands for him or stone studded piece of beautiful jewellery; the ring size matters a lot. It’s always helpful to have your size in mind when thinking about wedding rings. It saves you the stress of finding the perfect wedding ring than having to find the right size later or, even worse, just guessing and purchasing yourself a ring which doesn’t fit properly. There are various free and easy ways to find out your ring size, and they are as follows.

Plain Wedding Bands
1. You have a wide variety of online tools where you can measure the diameter of your finger. There are many charts available online. By using them, you can also compare your diameter size to a UK ring size to find the ideal match.

2. You can also order one of the free ring sizers online to get an answer without all the trouble of searching around endlessly on the internet.

3. It’s a good idea to measure your finger when you aren’t too hot or too cold. Heat may cause your fingers to swell up, and a chill makes your fingers quite slimmer, which means you wouldn’t get a correct reading. It’s also helpful to measure at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be a lot smaller in the morning.

4. If you find that you measure up to two sizes, it’s best to go for the bigger size just to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable, especially if you’re going to a wider ring. If you go for a broader band in a bigger size, you’ll find that it fits much more conveniently. If you go for a wider band in the smaller size, you may notice that it’s quite tight as it’s broader than the average.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to Choose the Man’s Wedding Ring

It used to be that the only point of concern for a man’s wedding ring was what measurement it should be. A thin diamond wedding ring of yellow gold was all that was needed in the eyes of most men. Today most men are not reluctant to invest a bit more time, though, and cash into a beautiful jewellery that should be gracing their finger for years to come. Following are five vital tips to keep in mind when choosing a man’s wedding ring that will make the process of selection as simple as possible.

Women may be the fairer sex and the more practical one also; however when it comes to anything related to the wedding; they tend to lose this practicality. And that's Ok!! But therefore, before deciding which ring to purchase, decide how much you are ready to spend on it and stick to it. If your fiancé asks you to spend more money, tell her that you are saving for other wedding associated matters.

To Match or Not to Match?
Some couples like to have his and hers matching wedding rings. If that is what floats your boat, then fine, go for it. Before you conclude that this is the way to go through, just be sure you know that it will greatly limit the selection of rings on offer. Consequently, if you decide to go down this path, it is perhaps better to get a matching metal, stone, or feature than an actual “match.”

Diamond Ring
Durable and Comfortable
Not meaning to generalise, but as a general rule, a man’s wedding ring will take more of a beating than a woman’s ring, especially if you are involved in a more blue-collar profession. Be aware of this fact while looking for a wedding ring so that it doesn’t have pointy parts. Also, make sure it is quite comfortable and fits well because if you are always taking it off while doing things, chances are it will get lost.

Just as you are reading this blog to get a basic idea as to what to keep in mind when purchasing a wedding ring, do your research. Use the Internet for the research before buying the ring, whether it be an online or direct shop purchase. There is loads of relative information out there; you just have to look for it.

Don’t buy your ring from just any jeweller. Even if you find the same designer ring for different prices at different jewellers, you may not be comparing apples to apples. Check out their return policy, warranties, and market reputation before deciding which ring is 'more affordable.'

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Why Prefer Titanium for the Wedding Rings?

Some of the best modern jewellery draws inspiration from other industries. Rubber bracelets, ceramic earrings, and titanium rings all use materials from less fashionable trades and bring them into the world of style. Crafted of metal that will last a lifetime, but with a modern flair, titanium wedding rings are the jewellery of choice for many brides and grooms. You should choose titanium over other metals if you are looking for affordable and durable options. Here are 4 features of Titanium wedding rings - 
Wedding Band For Men's

1. Titanium wedding rings are a fantastic investment.
The metal is lightweight and also, remarkably durable, so titanium bands do not scratch or lose their shape over a lifetime of regular wear. Titanium jewellery is also very affordable. Titanium wedding bands for men are less expensive than those crafted of white gold or platinum, and they are often more affordable than wedding bands made of tungsten. The titanium wedding bands are incredibly long-lasting for their value, which makes wedding rings made of titanium quite appealing.

2. A titanium wedding band will match all of your outfits.
White and silver metals are deemed the most neutral and are perfect for everyday wear. Platinum, white gold and sterling silver rings all offer the ideal tone, but titanium offers you a neutral grey shade in a more durable combination. Titanium rings blend seamlessly with everything from urban styles in silver and grey to the more traditional appearance of a stainless steel watch.

3. Your titanium wedding ring will be unique.
For ages, men and women have preferred gold wedding rings to symbolise their love. If you want to be a little less traditional, titanium is a perfect choice. Like other wedding bands, titanium rings are available in a wide range of styles. Titanium can be polished or textured, can be dyed different colours, and can even have diamond embellishments and intricate detailing. A black titanium ring with inlaid cable is a very modern and distinctive choice for wedding jewellery while one laser engraved or carved with a dragon or star design is very youthful.

4. Titanium is hypoallergenic.
If you haven’t worn much jewellery in the past, you may not know if you are sensitive to any specific metal type. Or, you may already know that your skin is sensitive, and you’re looking for a hypoallergenic alternative. Either way, you’ll be much safer and free from any kinds of skin irritation with titanium.