5 Valuable Tips for Wearing Jewellery at Work

Titanium bracelets
Who doesn't like to make heads turn? Though the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a stunning piece of jewellery is always something more. It signifies creative display, sophistication and inner beauty of a pretty woman. Wearing jewellery at work is always tricky and stressful. For one, while hurrying through the morning chores, getting dressed is always a pain. It's really very confusing to pick out exactly the kind of jewellery that would complement your clothes and does not look loud at the same time. Here are few helpful tips to make sure you do it right.

Skip the long ones, statement pieces and the big chunks
If a formal dress code is must at your workplace, then it becomes necessary to drop the chunky necklaces and long earrings such as danglers. These are usually dressy and add to bling, which might not bode very well with the formal colours that you wear.

Try on some flat earrings and studs
Usually, the mornings are fresh and calmer whereas the midway to your office hours you are found facing the storm! So, choose your earrings not just considering your morning mood. In your office hours, you might need to rush through desks and handle a phone multiple times, and any jewellery that is not flat might end up annoying you. So, pick out some simple studs and flat earrings.

Finger rings are attractive
At the office, the attention to your face is constant; no one pays attention to your fingers right away. So, a simple gold ring studded with a few beautiful gemstones could do the trick. You can also add a pearl ring to your collection, which goes well with casual or formal work wear.

Strings are always a good investment
Nothing goes well with your formal wear than a classy string of pearls. You could wear a pearl string with a lacy blouse or a buttoned down shirt.

Wear a chain bracelet
A gold chain bracelet is simple, light and super beautiful. While it works very well with western formals, you can express your personality with any classic design you love the most. The bracelet proves as a blessing if you plan to step out to an evening of drinks straight from work! You can also invest in titanium bracelets which spark with the elegance and simplicity. Many jewellery shops in the UK offer premium quality men's titanium bracelet. That can be a great choice to gift your best office friends.


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