5 Must Know Tips to Identify a Real Diamond

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The world we are living in is fast paced where trends come and go. Especially in the jewellery industry, the designers are constantly bringing new ideas and designs which are captivating the buyers with their charm and beauty. While the While the classic, sparkling diamond has remained one of the most sought-after gems by everyone for centuries. Identifying a real diamond is a challenging task which requires an eye for detail. Here are five useful tips to identify a real diamond from a fake one.

The Magnification Test
The real diamond is imperfect! The diamond found in the mine will have an irregular shape and supernatural shine unlike the fake diamonds artificially made in a lab. Observing the real diamond under jeweller’s loupe or microscope will reveal its divine imperfections, complemented with extremely sharp edges, which make this brilliant rock stand out from the others.
Also, a genuine diamond is usually mounted on a pure gold and not on any gold plated metal. The magnification test helps to identify the originality of the diamonds from any jewellery such as diamond solitaire or the diamond eternity rings.

The Sandpaper Test
Being the hardest material on the earth, a real diamond doesn't have scratches and abrasions. Whereas the fake ones might form scratches on its surface if rubbed with sandpaper. After a sandpaper test, the real diamond retains its sheer lustre, proving the fact that only a diamond can cut another diamond.

The Reflection Test
Hold it up a real diamond against crisp sunlight and observe the way the sun’s rays bounce back from the stone; it will give out a brilliant white and grey dazzle with a hint of a rainbow sparkle at the edges. On the other hand, a fake diamond will give out the rainbow hues right from the centre, without a glittering grey shine.

The Fog Test
Real diamonds are good conductors of heat and typically do not possess a layer of heat or fog. So, if you clean the stone and expose it to warm air, the possible formation of layer distinguishes a fake diamond from a real one.

The Refraction Test
The Refraction Test is the ultimate test to check the authenticity of a perfect diamond. To perform this test, place the gem on a plain sheet of paper and examine the image of its shadow. If it forms a dark shadow, then the gem is not an authentic diamond. An exquisite diamond gives out a beautiful shine as light scatters through its convoluted facet lines and creates a fine geometrical shadow filled with radiance and charm. A real diamond will emit a clear cut dazzling illumination of scattered light, confirming its originality.


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