Friday, 24 March 2017

The must buy list for your wedding

Every girl (read almost) dreams of being a beautiful bride someday. Walking down the aisle dressed in a beautiful bridal wear embellished with stones and pearls, to become the wife of the most special man of her life. The adorned veil and the lovely smelling flowers scattered in the way and a beautiful diamond solitaire waiting at the end of the aisle are all a part of every fairy tale that a girl dreams of. 

While planning everything on your own really shows how strong you are about the commitment, a professional help from a wedding planner is highly recommended.

With the unending chaos in mind, here is  the ultimate list of things to buy for your wedding day.

1. Bridal Veil: Floor length veil are preferred instead of a short one these days. It is strongly recommended to choose your veil and hair accessory long before your wedding day so that you are clear about how you will carry it. Try on the veil a few times throughout the process, take photos wearing it with your gown, and decide a hairstyle accordingly.

platinum wedding ring
2. The Special Jewellery: The bridal jewellery you select should be chosen long before the wedding day. Researching, trying and knowing what goes best with your dress is worth every drop of sweat you shed. The jewellery always is chosen to compliment your wedding dress however, most of the limelight is stolen by the wedding ring. Whether you prefer platinum wedding ring or a diamond eternity ring, both online and offline stores in the UK are full of never ending options.

  3. Bridal Shoes: A staple that every women should have in her wardrobe is designer shoes. What better reason to splurge than your wedding day attire!?

4. A bridal emergency kit: Perhaps a button fell off at the last moment or your bridal dress is hotter than you think (the changing temperature :), in such a scenario, a bridal emergency kit is a must. It comes with a deodorant, safety pins, extra buttons and anything that can demand attention at the last moment. Customise your own kit beforehand. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Popular wedding band trends for men

Let’s face it! When it comes to choosing or deciding a wedding band or jewellery it’s women who steal all the attention. Honestly, for  men who embrace the tradition, wedding bands are worth the fuss (no pressure but they can often be the only jewellery your groom will ever wear) and there’s actually a surprising range of styles out there. Does your groom need a little inspiration?

Palladium wedding bands 
1. The Diamond band: The size of diamonds is getting bigger everyday in wedding bands for men. Bling or sparkle...whatever you call it...they are no longer ONLY woman’s best friend. A palladium wedding band studded with fine diamond if your lover loves both bling and simplicity. Buy Palladium wedding bands for men here (the best online store in uk).

2. The ‘Simple’ wedding ring: Most of the guys are likely to keep this everyday wear band simpler and love to rather spend more on their bride-to-be! Plain Platinum wedding bands for such men is an ideal choice. Simplicity and elegance could casted in this rare and expensive metal, your guy would look simply stunning wearing this one. Buy elegant platinum wedding bands for men here.

3. The rose gold blend: When it comes to metals, it seems grooms are looking to mix things up a bit and play around with different shades. Mixing two different metals can be a subtle way to create a unique design – especially for men not inclined to diamonds or other bold details.

4. The ‘think different’ bands: When you think of men’s wedding bands, chances are you picture the traditional, simple band, but some grooms aren’t afraid to go bold with different textures and patterns. A textured finish such as matte, fine grain or satin, not only looks great but often wears really well over time as well – a great option for hands-on guys. Patterned rings are also a very popular way to personalise a wedding band and patterns can range from simple lined patterns to much more creative and bold designs. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Types of wedding rings

Whether you choose a Platinum wedding ring or a Diamond eternity ring, your choice of ring is an expression of your personal style. Modern, Classic or Vintage? Simple classic solitaire, or elaborate setting with side diamonds? Platinum, rose, white or yellow gold? YOUR STYLE - YOUR RING!

Let us go through some popular picks:

Bands for Hands
1. Solitaire : A solo glittering diamond is an exceptional way to confess your love. The diamond solitaire engagement ring showcases a single magnificent diamond in either a four- or six-prong setting in a wide range of metal settings, including platinum, brilliant white or yellow gold or sterling silver. Choose the perfect diamond shape that suits your bride-to-be. Visit for the perfect choice of diamond solitaire rings for your one and only.

2. A Solitaire with Side Accents: With an exclusive bold stone sparkling in the centre, it’s additional smaller accent diamonds in the setting or the shank create a grand look. These dazzling engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles and a variety of precious metals. Shop Cheap diamond engagement rings for women here.

3. Bridal Sets: Wouldn’t it be a smart choice to pick both the engagement ring and wedding ring together in a one magnificent bridal set. Radiant with diamonds, both the engagement and wedding bands are perfectly paired and designed to complement each other - just like the two of you. Buy 9 ct wedding rings here.

4. Super Trio: Celebrate togetherness! His-and-her matching wedding rings are a beautiful way to symbolize an eternal matrimonial commitment. The super trio include both an engagement and wedding band for her, with a coordinating wedding band for him. Styles are available in white or yellow gold and sterling silver.

5. Three Stone Ring: A celebration of your romantic journey, a three stone ring represents your past, present and future together. Honour her with three magnificent diamonds in settings of platinum or white or yellow gold. Buy cheap wedding rings here.

6. Platinum wedding bands: Single tone platinum wedding bands is for the couple who believes in commitment and faith. The sparkling metal is exchanged between a couple to express commitment to the relationship prior to the wedding. Generally bigger than an engagement ring, the meaning is far more significant. Celebrate your commitment with a promise ring in white, yellow or rose gold or sterling silver. Buy Platinum wedding bands for men and women here