Why should Loose Diamonds be Bought in-Person?

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding a cheap diamond engagement ring is one of the most challenging tasks. Why? Because it is the rarest of the rare moments in your life and it presents your commitment and understanding towards your fiancee. Secondly, purchasing the cheap diamond engagement ring for a woman is tougher, because women are known to be more choosy and observant than men. Well, there is nothing wrong in being choosy and observant, but it surely puts a huge pressure on men while buying an engagement ring. Digitalization has certainly helped you to read blogs and article offering you the tips to buy diamond rings, but nothing compares to an in person experience!

Do certifications matter while buying diamond jewellery?

Like any big purchase, it is essential to do your research before buying. However, while learning about it using multiple digital resources can be incredibly helpful, but the experience gained from a single visit to a shop is paramount. You can compare different certifications, but at the end of the day, this won't tell you exactly how the diamond really looks like. So, the only way to know what a diamond looks like is to see it in person. The certifications may help you to assure the quality of diamonds buys to choose the right stone to fulfill your needs, you need to check it in person. Even if you check the GIA certificates of two almost similar diamonds, both diamonds might have identical grades for Color, Clarity and Cut. On paper, these diamonds are the same! But, in reality, you can see huge differences between the stones. A diamond certification describes just the characteristics of a diamond, but it doesn’t capture its appearance.

What to look for when you visit a diamond retailer?

No matter where you choose to visit for a diamond purchase, make sure you see manifold diamonds side by side to make a right diamond comparison. You will instantly see the differences for yourself. This offers you the chance to decide on the best diamond for you that fits your budget.

Seeing the diamond in person is also the excellent way to judge its size. Since diamonds are measured by their weight, not physical dimensions, not all stones of the same carat size will look alike. For example, a 1-carat diamond can look 10-20% larger or smaller than another 1-carat diamond based on their actual diameters. As a tall person vs a short person; they could weigh the same, but look different. A side by side in-person comparison is the only genuine method to see the tradeoffs between sparkle and visual size as the diameter range dictates the maximum sparkle and light return.


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