More About Diamond Eternity Rings

What are Eternity Rings?

Flat Court Shaped Ring
Typically, eternity rings reflect endurance and lasting allegiance based on love and sincere affection between couples. They are mostly used to signify important milestones such as wedding or engagement anniversary, the birth of first child, and other life occurrences worth noting. The essence of it all is marking cherished achievements.

When it comes to such realities, Diamond eternity rings stands among the leading options preferred by many for their excellent taste of elegance. In fact, diamond as a metal has beautiful features when you think about its products and their association to hallmarks of life such as weddings. Every detail about them shows unique art and exceptional styling that anyone would proudly want to display on their finger.

 Therefore, diamond eternity rings continue to shine in the increasingly competitive niche of precious all-time bands. The series of alternatives allows the consumer to choose from simple and detailed pieces to high luxury varieties all exhibiting fashion and contemporary styling.

 The options vary, but mostly the shaping takes styles such as Round-brilliant stones, Princess cut with square shape gems and baguette. Though they have marginal differences, they offer unparalleled beauty.

Major categories of diamond eternity rings
  1.  Full eternity rings-
These have Diamonds fitted on the entire circumference. And so, if you like an all-around display of beautiful gems choosing from this list will work precisely.

     2.  Half eternity rings

Half-eternity bands have diamond stones semi-placed on the rings. In reality, they come at a lower price than full eternity versions.

Popular eternity ring settings
  •   Claw setting-
The style features metal frame treading on the edge of the gemstone with a small stretch at the top to hold the diamond. A claw setting is usually suitable for use with round stones.
  •   Channel setting
The setup here features a passage with two edges that enables fitting if different shapes of diamonds such as a Round, Princess Cut or Baguette.
  •    Bar setting
As the name suggests, it utilises metal bars that clutch the gemstones nicely. The bar setting usually works well with stones of similar shape and size.


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