How to Save Money While Buying a Loose Diamond?

Are you shopping a wedding ring for her? But not sure what your future fiancée prefers in a ring? Even if you are thinking to buy his and hers matching wedding rings, it might not work. It is natural that your choices or design are different from hers.  Consider purchasing a loose diamond and then choose on the mounting together. Make sure to have the loose diamond graded before having it mounted. In this blog, we will learn key tips to buy the best quality loose diamonds and make money.

Diamond Engagement Rings
1. Before you even start shopping, you set a budget. Based on your financial status and the purpose of the diamond, decide how much you can manage to spend on a diamond right now. If you plan to get the diamond set or have a piece of custom jewellery made for it, a factor that into your funds as well.

2. To find the best source of loose diamonds, ask around. Talk to your friends, coworkers or relatives who have bought diamonds in the past. One friend may have had a great experience at a neighbourhood jeweller, while online reviews may point you towards a reliable diamond retailer with great prices and client service. Some vendors may carry proprietary brands not available elsewhere.

3. Nothing compares to the safe, secure and trustworthy environment while buying a loose diamond. Whether online or in a physical store, look for loose diamonds certified by a reliable gemological laboratory such as the GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI. In-house appraisals can offer additional information, but your loose diamond should come with a reliable, independent lab certificate.

4. When you find a trustworthy vendor, ask to see different kinds of diamonds within your budget. You will notice that as you lower one factor, such as carat size, the diamonds in your price range will rise in other factors, such as cut quality. Which factor you emphasise is up to you. The loose diamond experts recommend always buying the highest quality stone you can afford, even if it is slightly smaller, slightly lower colour or of low clarity.

5. Besides, the 4 C’s, the shape of the diamond is a crucial decision to make when selecting a loose diamond. The classic round brilliant diamond is high in demand, but you may decide which type of cut diamond suits your needs better. Depending on how you intend to use your diamond, the fancy shape diamonds can be a great choice as well.


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