What to look for when buying a wedding band for her?

Your wedding is your biggest day of life and it deserves to be the most special. Everything about the marriage, even the finest details, hold importance in your heart. Shopping a wedding rings is one of them. Whether you pick a diamond eternity ring or platinum wedding ring, it is all about personal choice. But there are a lot of things you will need to consider before you buy this special piece of jewellery.

When looking for the perfect diamond eternity ring/ engagement rings, there are a lot of things to consider. Your budget is probably the first of all these concerns. It isn’t really easy to buy a cheap diamond wedding or engagement ring for women. You must be sure of the quality too. Find below, few points to consider before making the confession of love.
Platinum Wedding Rings

1. A Trustworthy name: When looking for a diamond ring, you must pick a reliable jeweller. Check and re-check of its reputation. Ask your friends and family about the shops they approached. Buy reliable platinum wedding rings here.

2. Start shopping ahead of time: It is not necessary that the design you or your partner have in mind will be readily available just the day you step out to shop. So consider approaching the jeweller at least a month or two before the big day in case you want a custom ring made into what you exactly want.

3. Basic rules for picking a diamond: When picking a diamond for your ring, you need to be well versed about the 4C’s about diamond that plays a major role in the quality and the cost of ring. They are - cut, clarity, colour and carat. Now, if you want most sparkle and brilliance in the ring, then you should focus on the cut. It's proportions,  symmetry and polish can vary the look of the diamond. However, if you want the ring to be light on your pocket, look for lesser carats. Higher the carat (weight), more expensive the ring will be. 

4. Check for metal compatibility: Always choose the metal framework as per the diamond that you are picking. An improper fit can just ruin the look of your ring. Finding the right setting of the shape of the stone is the key to getting a beautiful engagement ring. Click here to buy cheap diamond engagement rings for women.

5. Consider the metal: Choose the metal wisely. Some metals may or may not suit you. The ring that you need to wear all your life has to be compatible with your skin. Also, some skin tones flaunt some metal better than others. Find your choice accordingly.

6. Don’t forget to get a fingerprint: A fingerprint is supposed to have all the fine details about the ring like about the cut, clarity, colour etc. In short, it would include all the aspects like the 4C’s and any enhancements made.


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