Last moment prep list for weddings

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The day of marriage runs everyone into panic. You are so sure to freak out and are just waiting for the last moment crisis to arise. There's no way to emotionally "prepare" for such a life-altering event, despite all of the hard work, pre-wedding freak-outs and the best of plans in place.

While planning everything on your own really shows how strong you are about the commitment, a professional help from a wedding planner is highly recommended.

With the unending chaos in mind, here is  the ultimate list of things you need to keep in place before the final day.

1. Organize accessories, décor and honeymoon items: It is highly recommended keeping all of your fashion accessories, ceremony décor and reception items in separate baskets or bins is beneficial before the last moment chaos. Here are some examples of what your pre-ceremony basket should contain: cufflinks, a customized ring bowl, a vintage handkerchief for happy tears and three pairs of shoes (heels, wedges, and flats).

2. Bridal Veil: Floor length veil are a new tradition and are preferred instead of a short one these days. It is strongly recommended to choose your veil and hair accessory long before your wedding day so that you are clear about how you will carry it. Also carry an extra pair of accessories and if possible an alternate option for bridal veil. The last never know :)

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3. The Jewellery for the DAY: The bridal jewellery you select should be chosen long before the wedding day. Researching, trying and knowing what goes best with your dress is worth every drop of sweat you shed. The jewellery always is chosen to compliment your wedding dress however, most of the limelight is stolen by the wedding ring. Whether you prefer platinum wedding ring or a diamond eternity ring, both online and offline stores in the UK are full of never ending options.

4. Bridal Shoes: A staple that every women should have in her wardrobe is designer shoes. What better reason to splurge than your wedding day attire!?

5. A bridal emergency kit: Perhaps a button fell off or there are tags to such a scenario, a bridal emergency kit is a must. It comes with a deodorant, safety pins, extra buttons, scissors, false lashes and glue and anything that can demand attention at the last moment. Customise your own kit beforehand. 


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