How to Choose the Right Ring Metal ?

This is the simpler and more enjoyable part of the process! Picking your ring metal is a vital factor when making your final choice, as it can not only affect the way it looks but factors like price, maintenance and care. If you want a wedding ring that contrasts with the colour and tone of your partner’s ring, then choose only after a discussion. Let's go through the top favourite ring metals.

Platinum is rarest of all available precious metals and also the whitest, strongest, and highly durable. Platinum delivers a uniform white shine without the requirement for rhodium plating. Its qualities combine hypoallergenic nature and excellent resistance to metal corrosion.
Extremely famous amongst budding grooms. It is a close member of the platinum family but with around 1/3 of the price. Palladium delivers a classy, dark grey shine, which you cannot find in other
metals. It contains comparable qualities to platinum, such as  hypoallergenic properties, resistance to corrosion,  and uniform shine.

White Gold
The white gold is an alloy of yellow gold, blended with white metal to deliver a shine similar to platinum. It needs rhodium plating every few years to maintain its radiant shine. White Gold can also be obtained without rhodium plating, which gives a unique mixed gold blend with sparkles of yellow and white.

Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold is available in 18 and 9-carat alternatives. Yellow gold is the most traditional of all wedding ring metals. It was used in the first ever gold wedding rings dating back to the Egyptian era. The metal is timeless and has played a significant role in cultural and religious ceremonies for centuries owing to its valuable nature and rarity. Yellow gold is the best choice for 9 ct wedding rings.

Rose Gold
One of the stylish metals of modern days found in hand watches, necklaces, bracelets, all sorts. Rose gold is preferred by brides and grooms alike, making for a beautiful matching set. It is formulated using gold mixed with silver and copper alloys, to deliver that lovely pink-red tone. 18-carat is a much lighter and rosier hue than 9-carat because 9-carat rose gold contains more copper.

The most prevalent of all precious metals, more natural to source and affordable to buy. Perfect as a temporary or “stand-in” ring if you are unable to make up your mind. Once you’ve decided the metal you wish to have, now comes the part which ties it all together. You’re going to choose the style of the wedding ring.


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