How to Effectively Care the Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

When it comes to the fancy coloured diamonds, the prices are always sky rising. It is because they are rare and stunningly beautiful. A diamond solitaire studded with a deep and enchanting fancy coloured diamond is certainly an incomparable gift. The fancy colour diamonds are stones that, unlike white diamonds, are vibrantly coloured due to either natural processes or artificial treatment. Naturally coloured diamonds get their colour from chemical compounds or inclusions inside the stone. In contrast, treated fancy colour diamonds have had their colours intensified by using heat. Since the colour-enhancing treatment affects the characteristics of fancy colour diamonds, there are certain practices you should follow when cleaning these stones. We will discuss some of these in the following blog.
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Avoid Heat
Fancy colour diamonds that have been artificially treated are sensitive to heat. Subjecting them to high temperatures can alter their colours. Be careful if you don’t want your coloured diamonds to lose their hue and become dull.

Keep Away from Ultrasonic Cleaners
Due to their heat sensitivity, fancy coloured diamonds should not be put into ultrasonic diamond cleaners. In addition to ultrasound, these cleaners use very hot liquids to clean jewellery, and coloured diamonds can get damaged by the temperature.

Tell Your Jeweller If Your Diamond Is Treated
If you need to get your jewellery fixed, and it contains colour-enhanced diamonds, always disclose this fact to your jewellery. While manipulating the jewellery pieces, many jewellers sometimes use tools while producing extreme heat, which can damage your coloured stones. Make sure the person performing the repairs is well-informed of any treatment your fancy coloured diamonds have been subjected to so that your stones are carefully handled.

The Proper Way to Clean Coloured Diamonds

1. Always clean your coloured stones by hand to ensure that no damage is done.

2. Make sure that none of your diamonds is loose in their settings to avoid any accidental damage while cleaning.

3. Remove any hair caught in your jewellery, and use water to wash off the accumulated dust on your stone.

4. Make a cleaning solution of hot water and dishwashing soap that doesn’t contain detergent. Put your jewellery in the liquid and let it stay there for about 5 minutes.

5. Scrub the coloured diamond gently with a soft brush to remove any dirt from your stone until it is fully clean. Use a cotton cloth or flannel to wipe your jewellery dry.

6. Avoid using ammonia on mounted diamonds as the chemical may affect the look of the metal in which the stones are set.

Storing them cautiously
Store your fancy colour diamonds separated from each other and other gemstones to avoid scratching. It’s best to use a soft cloth to wrap your coloured diamonds individually.


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