Why are diamonds special?

One of the rarest and precious stones, diamonds, hold a very special place in our hearts. The fact that it takes billions of years to form is not the only reason for its preciousness. The fact that it takes tonnes of the ore to give one carat polished diamond of a gem quality and that it touches four different continents for extraction and finishing before it sparkles in our hand makes it rare!

The story of love
Diamonds are forever and so are the memories bound to it. The Romans believe that the cupid’s arrow was tipped with this rare stone, hence the relationship between eternal love and diamonds. Austrian Archduke Maximilian,in 1500’s was the first man to gift his beloved, a diamond as a symbol of love. Centuries later diamond continues to be the most desired and grand gift sought for. A gem whose sacredness and radiance testifies the oneness of love.

A wedding ring is the most beautiful reminder to your everlasting relationship. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring or platinum wedding band is very special, at the same time bound with confusions. The authenticity of the gem along with the price range are all a matter of concern. DiamondUK.com is one such place where you find a variety of options that suit your needs without worrying about the quality.

Wedding bands
Tailor your wedding bands
Wedding rings made up of advanced metals of your choice (the ones that suit you) which are made with cut/ scratch and damage proof designing that lasts your ‘lifetime commitment’. While there are plain platinum wedding bands and gold bands too, the best-noted feature is creating your own love bands. The designing of your tailored rings involve the highest skills and a range of unmatched solitaires that give you the Dream Engagement/ Wedding Rings you have been looking for.

In search for the right ring
The diamond search option has an array of features like shape, cut, carat, price, colour and clarity that help to make your quest for the right ring easier. Advanced options like polish and symmetry refine your choice.

Planning the proposal or deciding the wedding band, take your time leisurely. Beyond everything, Diamonds are for a lifetime. 


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