How to pick a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring

Wedding season is fast approaching and that means if you are engaged, you and your partner will be spending more time choosing a wedding band. Picking up a cheap wedding ring that complements your diamond solitaire, that’s the most tricky part.

Finding a perfect match shouldn’t be a problem if your engagement ring has been designed with this in mind. Almost every diamond engagement ring for women (even the cheaper options) can be made beautifully compatible a wedding band. All it takes is just extra time and precise direction to make things work. While some women are inclined to change their engagement ring at one time or another, most of them are extremely attached to their wedding bands. So it is important to choose a band that you can see yourself wearing for the next 40 -50 years.

What style of wedding ring will match your engagement ring?

- Diamond Solitaire
Wedding Rings
The greatest thing about owning a classic solitaire engagement ring is that you can both have a classic wedding band or a diamond wedding ring as per your choice. It is a point whether you can opt for the traditional look from your mom or pick something that reflects the real you.

Engagement rings with shoulder set diamonds

If your engagement ring has diamond set shoulder stones, the most appropriately matching option is to get the matching diamond band custom made. For instance if your engagement ring has a channel setting then the ideal match for it would be a wedding band with a channel setting.
Diamond Rings

When choosing the size of the diamonds for your wedding band, it is recommended choosing the same size and shape since it’s not just your wedding ring but also a symbol of eternity.

What not to choose…
Micro pave – the theory backing this setting style is to make the beads hold the diamonds in as small space as possible to accentuate the diamonds. However. with this type of setting your diamonds aren’t as secure and they are more likely to fall out. Unfortunately with this style it is not a case of IF your are going to lose a diamond but it is a matter of WHEN.

If you are looking for some advice, seeking a cheap engagement ring or just finding the right combination to complement your engagement ring, our friendly and helpful staff at Bands for Hands are always on hand to offer guidance and help you pick the perfect match to your engagement ring. 


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