Popular wedding band trends for men

Let’s face it! When it comes to choosing or deciding a wedding band or jewellery it’s women who steal all the attention. Honestly, for  men who embrace the tradition, wedding bands are worth the fuss (no pressure but they can often be the only jewellery your groom will ever wear) and there’s actually a surprising range of styles out there. Does your groom need a little inspiration?

Palladium wedding bands 
1. The Diamond band: The size of diamonds is getting bigger everyday in wedding bands for men. Bling or sparkle...whatever you call it...they are no longer ONLY woman’s best friend. A palladium wedding band studded with fine diamond if your lover loves both bling and simplicity. Buy Palladium wedding bands for men here (the best online store in uk).

2. The ‘Simple’ wedding ring: Most of the guys are likely to keep this everyday wear band simpler and love to rather spend more on their bride-to-be! Plain Platinum wedding bands for such men is an ideal choice. Simplicity and elegance could casted in this rare and expensive metal, your guy would look simply stunning wearing this one. Buy elegant platinum wedding bands for men here.

3. The rose gold blend: When it comes to metals, it seems grooms are looking to mix things up a bit and play around with different shades. Mixing two different metals can be a subtle way to create a unique design – especially for men not inclined to diamonds or other bold details.

4. The ‘think different’ bands: When you think of men’s wedding bands, chances are you picture the traditional, simple band, but some grooms aren’t afraid to go bold with different textures and patterns. A textured finish such as matte, fine grain or satin, not only looks great but often wears really well over time as well – a great option for hands-on guys. Patterned rings are also a very popular way to personalise a wedding band and patterns can range from simple lined patterns to much more creative and bold designs. 


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